Data7 Exploratory Data Analysis In Python Book


Greg Chism

UArizona Data7 Exploratory Data Analysis In Python Book!

Here you will find a collection of materials prepared by the staff of the Data Science Institute

Diagnosing like a data doctor

Chapter summary

Exploring a novel data set and produce an HTML interactive reports

Exploring like a data adventurer

Chapter summary

Exploring the normality of numerical columns in a novel data set

Transforming like a Data… Transformer

Chapter summary

Using data transformation to correct non-normality in numerical data

Imputating like a Data Scientist

Chapter summary

Exploring, visualizing, and imputing outliers and missing values (NAs) in a novel data set

Correlating Like a Data Master

Chapter summary

Assess relationships within a novel data set

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Created: 09/14/2022 (G. Chism); Last update: 11/17/2022